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The Micropac JAK10 jack is a compact 10-ton low profile jack that is small enough to fit in your tool box or pocket. It offers 76mm closed height and 35mm lift and is manufactured in rugged steel. The hydraulics are sealed and can be used in any orientation. The unit is made in the UK, high quality and fully serviceable. It offers good value.


  • Who uses the JAK10?

Make the JAK10 your own compact 10 tonne jack. Small enough for your toolbox or pocket, take it with you. For machine moving, railroads, shipyards and lots of jacking, aligning and clamping jobs, it is invaluable.

  • Is the JAK10 a 10 ton US jack?

10 metric tonnes is 11 US tonnes, so the rating in US measurements is higher. 10 tonnes metric is 9.8 imperial tonnes or 98.1kN force.

  • Why buy a JAK10?

The JAK10 offers a rugged and serviceable 10 tonne compact jack with good value. You will know that spares are available at a reasonable cost. The unit can be used in any position due to its sealed hydraulic system. Rugged steel construction and an integral safety overload valve provided peace of mind and a two year guarantee gives peace of mind.

  • Why is an integral jack better than a separate pump and cylinder?

You could use a small 10 tonne cylinder, hand pump unit and connecting hose. It all comes down to the job. That is additional bulk to carry to the job and is massive compared with a small tool you can carry in your tool box or pocket. Many users treat a compact jack as their own personal tool in their kit. The JAK10 allows single handed operation to place the jack and engage the lift. A cylinder and pump are invariably more awkward. A sperate pump and cylinder does allow the fitter to be away from the lifting location by the length of the hose. We would say there is a place for both options, to suit your exact job. Just ensure that you use the right tools for the job and don’t compromise.

  • What if I need a pressure gauge?

If it is purely and lifting or jacking job, the JAK10 provides up to 10 tonnes force with that limited using an internal relief valve. The relief valve limits the pressure that you can generate using the hand pump. Some applications need you to control the force being exerted. We can offer a 63mm pressure gauge calibrated in tonnes. The gauge dial is reading the direct force based on being calibrated for the area of the JAK10 piston rod.

  • Is the unit suitable for pressures lower than 10 tonnes?

After decades of people using our Sarum Hydraulics compact 10 tonne jacks, we have seen a range of applications right down to people lifting minimal loads. There is no real minimum. The pump section has a precise operation.

  • What other applications could this Jack be used in?

Although jacking often equates to lifting, these units have a very wide application. We have seen them widely used for workholding and alignment during production processes. Using a hydraulic jack and whatever fixturing allows it to be used properly simply puts you in total control. You can move components by small amounts and the precision release valve will give you accuracy. Users find this beneficial over levers and mechanical adjustment. Testing is another big area for the compact JAK10. With the right fixturing or frame, you can configure your own test equipment for the exact task.

  • Are hydraulic jacks safe?

The JAK10 is supplied with instructions and certification. Adhere to the basics for all hydraulic jacks. Use the saddle that we supply fitted to the top of the piston rod. Replace the saddle if it is damaged. They are inexpensive. Support the base of the jack properly on a flat surface. Don’t support it on irregular surfaces. If you can’t achieve enough lift, don’t use unsafe lifter spacers. Don’t attempt offset loads. Risk assess what is going to happen when you lift your load. Anything that moves horizontally when it lifts or becomes unstable in another direction is dangerous. Never statically load a JAK10 up with more than 10 tonnes and do not try to adjust the relief valve to achieve more than its rated load. There is skill in using a hydraulic jack. Safety comes first. Never work under anything that is only supported on a jack or a single support. That is simply dangerous to life.


The Micropac JAK10 hydraulic jack is a compact 10 tonne low profile unit. The size and mass make it small enough to fit in a tool box or pocket. It offers 76mm closed height and 44mm lift and is manufactured in rugged steel. The piston rod is fitted with a hardened saddle that can be easily replaced. The piston rod retracts automatically so does not require to be manually retracted. There is a precise hold/release valve that allows controlled lowering. The lifting force is limited using an internal relief valve to 10 tonnes. Contact the factory if you require units supplied with a lower relief valve setting. The hydraulics are sealed and can be used in any orientation. The unit is made in the UK, high quality and fully serviceable. It offers excellent value.

Technical Specification table

Pressure: 700 bar
Stroke volume: Closed height 79mm /lift stroke 35mm
Materials: Carbon Steel
Seal options: Standard Nitrile seals
Fluid options: Prefilled and sealed mineral oil hydraulics
Other options available: Pressure gauge graduated in Tonnes


Technical Datasheet (CLICK LINK)

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