Micropac® MLP | 10 tonne laboratory hand hydraulic press

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Why buy our MLP10 10 tonne miniature lab, shop and field press?

Our MLP10 10 tonne hand hydraulic press is simply a good value precision British compact benchtop press for the laboratory, field or shop. The unit is miniature and can be used in any orientation. Use it however suits you for your exact laboratory or production need. There is an optional pressure gauge calibrated in tonnes and kN. A rugged transit box is available.

Who needs compact hand hydraulic presses like the MLP10?

Primarily technicians and scientists use this type of press, with production people using them for one-offs or small numbers. They may be used for a specific job in the lab like preparing samples for an electron microscope or for other laboratory applications. For site jobs like swaging or field jobs like preparing geological samples, small size and high tonnages are useful.

What is different about the MLP10?

We are offering a product that isn’t part of an expensive laboratory range of equipment. The unit offers good value compared with mainstream scientific products. Our MLP10 provides a rugged instrumentation-quality product within our range of Micropac industrial hydraulics. This product is manufactured in our UK factory. Talk to us on any specialist saddles for this press for your own specific application. The unit is easily serviced with inexpensive parts from us, the manufacturer. After over 40 years, we are the mobile hydraulics experts.

Is a powered press better than a hand hydraulic press?  

There isn’t a correct answer. Providing the right tool for the job is the most important. For certain applications, this type of hand hydraulic press is perfect. On site or in the field, you want a small hand unit. Even in the factory or laboratory, a benchtop hand hydraulic press provides a flexible tool for lots of jobs. A hand press offers inherent safety compared with a powered unit, not that it does not require considerable care. A general point is that the operator simply stops pumping if there is a problem. Move to a powered press and you will need to risk assess every application. High tonnage presses and always dangerous pieces of equipment. Powered presses are highly regulated.

If you have a production process running thousands of times, a production engineer will invariably go to a powered unit.

Is the MLP10 a 10 Imperial Ton press?

10 Metric tonnes equals 11 US tons. 10 tonnes metric is 9.84 imperial tons and 98.1kN force.

Is an integral press better than a 700 bar cylinder in a frame with separate pump and hose?

Manufacturers like Enerpac and Hi-Force do supply presses with a 700 bar catalogue cylinder mounted in a steel frame then power the cylinder using a pump/reservoir and a hose. These provide flexibility over a very wide range of jobs but certainly aren’t ultra compact or the sort of thing you would take into the field. The 700 bar pressure rating on this type of equipment is very useful in providing a formidable force to weight ratio. That is the reason it is used world-wide from lots of manufacturers and why we use 700 bar on our presses and jacks as well.

What type of piston rod and saddles does the MLP10 use?

The hard chrome plated piston rod is fitted with a hardened carbon steel saddle, as is the platen above it. These saddles are easily swapped out and could be replaced with custom designs for particular applications.

What is the basic MLP stroke and gap?

The basic model has a stroke of 35mm and a gap of 32mm. A long stroke model is available with a threaded adjuster that can be preset. This provides a maximum gap 50mm. There is a spring return on the ram rod so that it retracts back into the body if the pressure is released. Consult our data sheet (link below).

Is the MLP10 hand hydraulic press fitted with a pressure relief valve to limit the maximum pressure? Is there a safety window on the MLP10 press?

The hydraulics are based on our JAK10 jack and include a precise hold/release valve and an adjustable relief valve to limit the maximum pressure generated by the pump. There is a secure base for bench mounting. A sliding removeable polycarbonate safety screen provides protection in use.

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