What type of Pump Shop Pro pressure test pump should I buy?

Sarum Hydraulics has manufactured a wide range of pressure test pumps for over 40 years. Pump Shop Pro simply sells their big sellers suited to people who need to get a job done and want a decent piece of equipment that will last.

What fluid should I use for hydrostatic pressure testing?

We try to use water wherever we can for pressure testing as it is cheap, clean and quite searching because of its low viscosity. You can use oil if the system or part is running on oil and you don’t want water hanging around. Once you are running a pump on oil, you can’t switch back to water without struggling with oil contamination. People talk about “flushing out” pumps. We aren’t sure on this, if you need to remove 100% of oil that is lurking in a pump. Strip, clean and seal swap is the better solution. If you need a cost effective service kit to swap out the seals, we can do it.

What pressure should I test to?

That’s your choice to pressurise to the correct figure to achieve your objectives. At our factory, we test our own components and equipment anything between 0.3 bar and 1000 bar. A good starting point always is what the working pressure is on a part and what pressure the designer thinks it will fail at. For production parts, you would test to a “proof” pressure, which is working pressure plus a safety factor. Sarum Hydraulics has a great video explaining the difference between functional, proof and burst testing. 

Why would I buy the MZ Low Pressure Trough Pump?

Trough pumps are widely used by technicians and tradesmen. They are easy-fill and you just carry them to the job. They are also very easy to empty at the end of the job. You can buy amazingly cheaply on the web, although the first one we bought to look at trough pumps when we were doing our market survey didn’t even work. We don’t like carbon steel reservoirs because they corrode and our experience of plastic was that it got broken. Our Micropac MZ uses a rugged stainless steel trough, a poppet check valve rather than a cheap ball valve for very low leakage and replaceable soft seat release valve for solid lock off. The gauge is a proper glycerine filled pressure test gauge that is cushioned, not a cheap dry gauge that will fail. The MZ runs to 60 bar and includes a 2 metre hose. Our MZ pressure test pump isn’t the cheapest but it is made in our factory in the UK and is serviceable. It is a quality unit.

Why would I buy the two speed high pressure PSP Hydrostatic pressure test pump? 

The Micropac PSP has been our flagship product for years. It has to same functionality and interchange with pumps like the Hydrapak and the MHX. This type of pump is the industry standard hydrotest pressure test pump, having a large 50cc per stroke low pressure flow, a range of high pressure ranges and a dependable manual changeover. Why buy our PSP? For less money, you get an anodised 6082T6 marine grade body for very low corrosion over a long time, an ultra low leakage poppet check valve, soft seat checks and release valve and fully serviceable at low cost. You will not be told that a pump is scrap because one of the valve seats in the alloy body is damaged. We use replaceable seats. Buy the bare pump and use an existing reservoir/supply or use our neat stainless 15L carry-around. We offer a quality 100mm glycerine filled pressure gauge if you want one.

Why would you buy the MP single speed pressure test, filling and charging pump?

The MP series has been our biggest seller for decades. A lightweight and rugged carry-around pump/reservoir, made in the UK by Sarum Hydraulics and available in various pressure ranges and reservoir sizes. Some trades like fire sprinkler and misting system installation use lots of them. Then there are massive numbers of people who buy one, use it and store it, knowing that it will always work for them the next time. It is fully serviceable and the engineering support is first rate. Our web shop offers on short delivery the 12cc/400 bar MP series pump on its 5 litre lightweight carry-around reservoir. That’s the big seller. There are lots of other models. Displacements range from 7cc per double stroke/700 bar to 100cc per double stroke /50 bar. Reservoirs include 1 litre, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 50 fixed units. Portable reservoirs include 4, 5, 10 and 20 litre carry-arounds, 10, 20 or 50 litre neat two wheel carts and even our 50 litre reservoir on our own 4 wheel platform trolley. Materials are anodised alloy or 316 stainless. Pump Shop Pro offers our big selling 12cc on a 5 litre carry-around in our shop but talk to us about other options. These are detailed on the Sarum Hydraulics site. We are the hand pump experts.

If you have any questions on our equipment or you application, contact us. To see the full range of Sarum Hydraulics’ equipment including more specialist kit like ATEX/IECEx explosion proof hand pumps, rugged offshore equipment and cost effective pressure testing or cycling rigs, look at their web site. After over 40 years, Sarum Hydraulics are the hand pump experts.

At Pump Shop Pro, we are pleased to offer their Micropac pressure test pumps through our web shop. Professional kit for professionals who need to get a job done.

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