2 Speed Hand Pump

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Tangye Hydrapak, Enerpac MP range, HiForce HMP/MHX range- retrofit our quality Micropac British made 2 speed hand pump.

This British designed and manufactured 2 speed hydraulic hand pump offers extended service life and is compatible with a wide range of media. It provides rapid prefill, controllable changeover between low and high pressure modes and reliable operation up to maximum pressure. A detachable two-position operating handle facilitates pumping action; initial operation in low pressure mode gives a displacement of 51cc per stroke. When the hand load increases, the changeover button can be depressed and the pump switches to high pressure mode – pumping then continues to desired pressure.

There are 6 models available to suit maximum pressure requirement- high pressure pump displacement varies accordingly (see spec. below). A soft-seal check valve in the outlet ensures positive pressure sealing. Included as standard is a pressure hold-release valve to vent pressurised fluid back to tank and an adjustable pressure relief valve to limit maximum pumping pressure. Seals and valve seats are user serviceable.

The pump can be reservoir mounted or piped up to suit application. The mounting footprint is compatible with other similar pumps on the market eg Tangye Hydrapak, Enerpac MP, Hi-Force HMP and may thus be retrofitted to compatible reservoirs.

Available with optional direct banjo-mounted 100mm industrial pressure gauge (range to suit application). Hoses and adaptors are also available – see ‘hoses and accessories’ page.

The pump is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Supplied with gasket, dip tube and mounting screws. See data sheet for mounting requirements.
The pump can also be supplied mounted on a 15 litre portable reservoir with carrying handle as a pressure test set ready-to-go; see product ‘PSP Hydraulic Hand Pump Pressure Test Set’ page.

Technical Specifications

Maximum pressure LP mode: all models up to 50 bar

HP mode: 110 bar, 170 bar, 310 bar, 450 bar, 700 bar, 1000 bar

Displacement/ stroke (single acting) LP mode: 51cc per stroke

HP mode: 110bar=20.5cc, 170bar=13.1cc, 310bar=7.3cc, 450bar=5.1cc, 700bar=3.3cc, 1000bar=2.2cc

Materials of construction Anodised marine grade aluminium alloy body, hard chromed stainless steel pistons, zinc plated steel handle mechanism
Reservoir Not supplied
Sealing materials Nitrile, PTFE, UHMWP as standard. Contact us for other sealing options eg fluorocarbon, EPDM
Operating media Mineral oils, water and other fluids compatible with nitrile rubber. If in doubt, contact us. Note- unit is factory tested on water as standard; please advise at time of ordering if alternative test media is required

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